RAW VIDEO: Two Jet Planes Escort a UFO, Oregon, USA (by AfghanTurkmenMedia)

UFOs Appear Over Phoenix Sandstorm on CNN! July 6, 2011 (by Sheilaaliens)

Not only an interesting video… but absolutely hilarious for other reasons.

Fourth of July UFO sighting in Chino.wmv (by Bdenouden20)

UFO Mothership & Fleet Over London UK Friday 2011 (Credit alymc01) [HD] (by EllasVirgo)

!!WHOA!! Amazing UFO over Arakawa Kawaguch, Japan, 2011-06-22_(480p).flv (by ledaohio)


UFO in the clouds

Russian man abducted by ufo?,(caught on security camera) (by TruthMovementGroup)

Cow being abducted? (by TruthMovementGroup)


UFO ON SPAIN (by mazzuccowf)

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